Wynlen House Urban Micro Farm

Wynlen House started as a small enterprise following the age-old tradition of organic food production and growing food to be consumed locally. For us this means growing vegetables and garlic, raising sheep, poultry and pigs for meat on our large suburban block in the village of Braidwood, NSW.

Our passion for garlic growing is fulfilled with our garlic partner at Clarevale Farm, Braidwood where we grow early, mid and late season garlic with the aim of making sure our fellow garlic lovers never have to go without organically grown, fantastically tasty garlic because we can supply our own grown garlic all year round. We sell vegetables from our weekly earth market stall, every Saturday morning in Braidwood’s main street.

After eating our delicious vegetables and organically grown poultry, pork and lamb our customers began asking how they too could successfully grow their own food in our region’s harsh cool climate.  So we developed training programs (on-farm workshops and on-line courses ) on How to Grow Garlic in Australia’s suitable climate zones, How to Grow Vegetables All Year Round in a Cool Climate and How to Raise Small Farm Animals, all without pesticides or herbicides and Growing Garlic: An On Farm Workshop. We also offer comprehensive Mini Growing Guides to start you growing from your favorite family of vegetables. The first of these is Mini Guide to Pumpkin and Squash, of the genus Cucurbita, and the family Cucurbitaceae. Our growing techniques are scalable to larger spaces and bigger operations so when you want to plant more, you don’t have to totally alter your gardening practices.